Construction Solutions

We are incredibly well experienced in designing, installing and maintaining solutions, and believe that no one takes your site security quite as seriously as we do.


Cctv & Intruder Systems

The systems are key to any criminal and insurance claim incident.


CCTV cameras are a tried and tested, very effective way of deterring intruders. Our unique software further transforms this deterrent into an intelligent, hard-working and site-friendly monitoring system.


24 / 7 camera operation provides not only out of hours security, but also a host of potential advantages for site managers to make use of the daytime recording. Key staff members can even interact with the system from home, providing unique flexibility to meet your specific needs.


A CCTV Tower is perfect for construction sites that require a temporary security solution, quickly. The Tower is ideal for situations where little or no infrastructure is present. It is a stand-alone system which offers cost effective site security.



Time-lapse video is the perfect way to showcase your construction work and also hold onto the memories of a great project done well. These days, many cameras, smartphones and devices have time-lapsed capabilities; but our advice is to beware of DIY short cuts. Recording time-lapse footage for useful periods of time is challenging and beset with potential problems.
The time-lapse solution here at Ktech Security is expert, professional and delivers every time – and we’ve been careful to shape a cost-effective approach that is flexible enough to meet your expectations and budget. We firmly believe that a proper level of professionalism will pay in the long run, and we’ve got plenty of happy customers to prove it.



We supply and install a full range of vehicle barriers, including manually lifted, motorised, drop skirts, bar lights, free-exit induction loops, manned controls, lock-down, timer options and ANPR.

Enhanced Physical Security For Your Site

Ktech Security supply and install a wide range of vehicle barriers to prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering your site. If you’re unsure of the specific type of vehicle barrier you require, one of our experts will be happy to help you determine which would be most appropriate and cost effective.
We can supply a range of options, including manually lifted, motorised, drop skirts, bar lights, free-exit induction loops, manned controls, lock-down, timer options and ANPR.
Fully automatic gates can be triggered by in-road induction loops, authorised number plates (ANPR) or long-range proximity tags.


Manned Guarding

Manned guards and mobile patrols provide a physical presence to protect your site from unauthorised access. Our established network of trusted security partners will help provide an exceptional level of security on your site.

Heightened On-site Manned Security

Manned guards and mobile provide a physical presence in order to protect your site from theft, vandalism, fly tipping or unauthorised access. Experience complete peace of mind with a heightened level of on-site security, even when the premises is otherwise vacant.
Ktech Security have an established nationwide network of trusted security partners, primarily for alarm response and keyholding. We remove the hassle associated with managing security personnel and regularly monitor the performance of each guard in order to maintain the level of service we expect. This means saving time and significantly mitigating any risks.
We provide manned services such as static guards, mobile patrols, keyholding, dog patrols, guard welfare vehicles,reception guards and banksman trained guards. Whether you’re seeking patrols as a single solution or as part of a tailored security package, we’ll happily advise on the best solution for you.


Control Room

In addition to our Security Guard Services, with our Alarm Response Centre we use the latest technologies and control centre personnel.
Our Intruder Alarm Systems monitoring services can provide 24-hour monitoring of your sites, which are tracked by our control centre. Our technology can detect movement within your premises. If triggered, our control centre will be on standby to respond instantly to the situation.

Always On Hand

Our control rooms operate 24-hour a day, 365-days a year and are staffed by experienced personnel. Our systems log routine and shift-change calls and for lone workers; our control centre staff will contact individuals regularly to ensure their safety.
Whatever the situation, our control room staff are on hand to answer any queries, reassure staff and respond to emergencies. This service is a perfect complement to our mobile patrol and Alarm Response solutions


Rapid Deployment

In addition to our Security Guard Services, with our Alarm Response Centre we use the latest technologies and control centre personnel.
We are the Irish distributors of Reconeyez, a long life battery and solar powered CCTV Intruder System, it is a wireless system that protects sites without mains power. Our battery powered, wireless system protects sites without mains power. The temporary installations are cost effective and provide remote surveillance for your site. Most outdoor sites are uncontrolled and left open to criminal damage or theft, with few deterrents and no evidence for potential prosecution. Our temporary CCTV installations offer a versatile solution for your site’s security, alerting you off-site of any intrusions whilst eliminating costly false alarms.
You can add more systems as the site develops and once construction is complete, you can move the system to your new project.

Cloud Based

Our rapid deployment systems enable you to monitor your sites, from anywhere in the world. It is a fully cloud based, video alarm handling software which is available to use via Smartphone app. The sensors send an alarm with video footage straight to where it is needed and helps to protect against site theft and vandalism.


Fire Marshal

It is imperative that construction sites take fire risks seriously. Working in an ever-changing environment means that potential fire risks must be continually assessed and monitored, protecting your staff, visitors and premises.
Our Fire Marshal Services are tailored to suit your premises. We will carefully assess your business, safety concerns and requirements to establish a bespoke Fire Marshalling solution. Our specially trained Marshals are experts in fire prevention and safe evacuation, significantly minimising the risk of fire and injury on site.

Specially Trained

The Marshals will ensure your equipment and fire alarms are in working order, ensure fire exits are clear, safety signs are visible and electrical items are correctly tested. They will organise and execute regular fire drills so that everyone is aware of procedure. Our Fire Marshals will take care of risk assessments and fire related paperwork and ensure this is kept up to date.
At Ktech Security, we can also take care of the installation, servicing, and maintenance of your Fire Safety equipment. Get in touch today to find out more about our Fire Marshal services.


Response Service

When a potential threat triggers your alarms, you can rest assured that the Ktech Security CCTV monitoring and response team will be managing it. An alarm will be raised at our central control room, whereby the CCTV software will pinpoint the activation cause. A controller will then monitor the footage to determine whether or not there is an intrusion.
What next? After CCTV monitoring, the majority of all activations will not need further action – but when they do, our tried and tested systems will kick into action. We will use all the information available to us to further determine the threat. A simple visual patrol of the site will usually identify the alarm trigger. When a real intrusion or threat is identified, the Ktech Security team can be waiting by with mobile patrols, or site security guards.

Tried And Tested Systems

Those with a Gardai approved system and maintenance programme will have a unique reference number which will be noted to the Gardai upon our Gardai response request.
Should you have a key-holding agreement with Ktech Security, a call out process will be initiated. Otherwise, we will contact your designated key-holder to assist the Gardai. When an intruder has been identified, we will issue you with a full report, as well as screenshots and video clips which can be used for prosecution if necessary.



It is highly likely that you will have a large number of vehicles, plant and machinery entering, exiting and working on your site at any one time. Coordinating these vehicles and ensuring the safety of staff and vehicles, will be the site Banksman.
At Ktech Security, our Banksman will direct the movements of large vehicles on site and oversee the loading and unloading. On a busy site, our Banksman will be your eyes and ears to ensure safe manoeuvres and protect the drivers, staff, other vehicles and property.

Avoid Chaos

As well as overseeing the large vehicles, our Banksman can be called upon for directing traffic around the site and avoiding chaos
A Banksman can prevent significant damage to vehicles and equipment and is crucial to preventing deaths, injuries, and accidents on site. With trucks, vans, diggers and cranes, it is crucial that a building site has a good vehicle Banksman to oversee operations.